Sierra Vista 3Gun


         Action Shooting Scenarios

        Paper - Steel - Reactionary 


     Shooting goes back to when I was a small boy, my father  Ralph Mangum

     introduced me as well as my brothers and sister at an early age to rifle and  

     shotgun shooting.  I fondly remember our  annual family dear and bird hunting

     trips.  In turn I've done the same for my children.

     In my very early teens I took an interest in hand guns, going out often to shoot

     my father's Colt .45 auto and German Luger.  

     In the summer of 1967 my Father introduced me to reloading.  Long hours were

     spent at my father's office, where my loading equipment was set up, reloading                  everything the family shot.

     I spent many a day riding around on my horse Waco shooting jackrabbits with 

      light hand loaded .38s out of a Colt Python.  Many years before Cowboy

     Mounted Shooting began.

     In the early eighties I met a gun shop owner, Bucky Watt who told me about

     a combat pistol match in Tombstone Arizona that the "Cochise Gun Club of

     Tombstone" put on every month.  I started shooting with them and then the

     Bisbee Practical Pistol club. After a year or so shooting matches with the two

     clubs, I took the job of match director for the Bisbee club, and with a friend we

     introduced practical pistol (steel) to the Douglas Rifle and Pistol Club, a

     match I still shoot every 2nd Sunday.  While living in Douglas and putting on

    monthly matches at the Douglas Rifle and Pistol Range East of Douglas, I

    changed our format from steel to IPSC and in 1988/1989 I was the match

    director for the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association's  State IPSC  

    Championships, A two day event both years. 

    We did use rifles, mostly shotguns in those years, but never called it 3 gun.

    Fast forward to 2014 when I started the Situational HandGun match at the Sierra  

    Vista Shooting Range.  In 2015 I super sized the SHGun Match to the

    New Sierra Vista 3Gun match.  Come on out and enjoy the fun!