Sierra Vista 3Gun


Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Do I need a holster?

A: Yes! It doesn't need to be an expencive one.  Most are made out of plastic and 

     can be purchased for less than $20. They need to be a muzzle straight 90                  degree down to slightly forward draw.  Not pointing back behind you. 

Q: Do I need magazines / speed loader holders?

A: Not mandatory, However it make it easier for you to located them when needed,      and you will need them.

     Some new shooters come to their first match without them and use their                  pockets. However, by their second match there all set up.

Q:  How many magazines do I need?

A:  There as many as 25 HITS per stage, pistol. If your shooting a single stack               7 to 10 rounds, you should have at least 3 to 4 on youbelt. For  double 

     stack  2 to 3 on your belt should work. This is for pistol. You can have as

     many as you want. Your first magazine has to be a standard factory mag.

     At reload you can put in extended mags.

      Of course it all depends on how  you shoot.  Sometimes can't have to many.

Q:  What about safty glasses and ear protection?

A:  Yes it's mandatory, you have to have safety glassed and hearing protection,

      for everyone in your party, adults and children. Sierra Vista Range  Rules.

      At the SV3Gun match we shoot at  steel targets and you can have bits                       ricochet back and hit you.

Q:  Rifle Types & Ammo:  

A:   Any AR platform, .30 carbine will work, any sight system. Only .308 & .30.06              with lead cast bullets. No "green Tip", solidcore / armor piercing trpe ammo!

Q:  Shotgun Types & Ammo:

A:  Pump or Automatic, 20 or 12 gauge,  legal berral length. Extended magazine             tube any sight system.

      71/2 bird shot and standerd 1oz slugs only, no buck shot needed, yet.

 Q: Slings?

A:  You can use standard or single point slings.